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Keir Ramshaw

Are you thinking about hiring a singing pianist for your wedding?

If you’ve found yourself here you must be looking for a pianist for your big occasion.  My name is Keir Ramshaw and I have been playing and singing professionally for over 20 years ensuring that I will meet the highest standards that are required for your wedding, celebration or party. With a huge and ever increasing repertoire of popular music I am here to help you create the event that will last in your guests’ memories for years to come.

Want more? I can also provide a DJ service meaning that I can take care of the music from the moment your guests arrive until the last one dancing leaves. Having both taken care of not only saves money for you but means that I will have gotten a great sense of the music that your guests are going to love dancing to before the evening party starts.

I am mainly cover Essex, London, Kent, Hertfordshire and Surrey but if you want to get married on top of a mountain in the Hebrides and you think I’m the best fit for your day, then I will make it work somehow!

Weddings make up the vast majority of my work as they are my specialty and I really enjoy getting to help shape one of the happiest days of people’s lives.



When at my Wedding should I have music?

That is completely up to you. It is your big day after all. Every Wedding is unique and I can play and sing whenever you would like me to.

As a general guide, most Weddings can be broken down into the following sections where music is usually played.

  1. Guests Arriving (Usually just piano)

  2. The Ceremony… “I do!” (Just Piano or Piano & Vocals)

  3. The Drinks Reception (Usually Piano & Vocals)

  4. The Wedding Breakfast (Just Piano or Piano & Vocals)

  5. Turnaround (Usually Piano & Vocals)

  6. Party time! (DJ Set)

Guests Arriving

If you’re lucky enough to have visited the top hotels, restaurants and shops you will likely have heard the sound of a piano gently tinkling away. This is because nothing says class quite like the sound of a lone piano. Why not set a sophisticated tone straight away having your guests arrive to the sound of elegant cocktail piano. Or if you have a theme, I will happily play the right welcoming music to match. (The Harry Potter theme sounds great on the piano if you didn’t know!).

This section usually works best without vocals and tends to last about an hour.


Wedding Ceremony

This is it… The big moment. Get this bit out of the way and you can relax!

During the service I will usually play/sing for the walk down the aisle, during the signing of the register and again as you exit and your guests follow. However, if you have that one song that only sounds right on the record and you have imagined it being part of your day forever then please just say. As a lover of music, I understand that sometimes the real song is the one that means the most and will happily press play, sit back and enjoy the song with rest of your guests.


This section works equally well with or without vocals and tends to last about an hour.


Drinks Reception

The bit in the middle! Whilst your guests are having a chat, drinking some bubbles and eating miniature food you will be occupied with wedding photographers and everyone congratulating you and saying how amazing you look. I will keep the happy atmosphere going strong with some upbeat piano hits. This will ensure there are no awkward silences and will get everyone relaxed and excited for the rest of the day.


This section usually works best with piano and vocals and tends to last 1 to 2 hours.


Wedding Breakfast

Did you know that ‘Food, Glorious Food!” is often requested during this section? Well now you do!

So you’re seated at the top table looking out at everyone enjoying the feast you have provided. This is a great time to let your personalities shine by having me play and sing all of your favourites. From famous film scores to hip-hop classics, anything can be reworked for the piano and your guests will certainly enjoy hearing some unexpected tunes as they enjoy their meal. You can also really add to the day by having a short theme for different people as they are introduced for their speeches much to the amusement of everyone else! ‘Daddy Cool’ for Father of the Bride for example or how about the Neighbour’s Theme for your Australian Best Man! 


This section works best as a mixture of with and without vocals and tends to last about 2 hours.



So everyone has eaten and all of the speeches have been made but it’s not quite party time yet. Whilst the venue is getting itself ready for the night of dancing ahead I will crank the volume just a little and start to play and sing the songs that get people warmed up for a boogie. If you are having evening only guests, this will also ensure that they arrive to a nice buzzing atmosphere without being overwhelming.


This section usually works best with piano and vocals and tends to last about an hour.


Party Time

Turn on the disco lights and throw your hands in the air like you just don’t care! I will work with you from the first to the last dance to make sure

that the music you want is the music that is played. I will follow your lead. If you want to pick every song and in what order they are played then that's great. Alternatively, if you want me to read the room to know what songs to play to keep your dancefloor full I can do that too.


How much?

I know from experience how annoying requesting quotes can be so I always aim to be transparent and uncomplicated with my pricing. 




There is a minimum booking of 2 hours at £150 per hour*

Additional hours after the two hours are charged at £100 per hour

*The prices above include meeting with you to discuss your big day, the rehearsal time before your wedding learning any special requests, supply and setup of a professional 88 key keyboard, microphones, amplification, disco lights and stands if required. I do not charge for set up/down times but if I am required to set up more than an hour before I am due to play or there is a gap of more than an hour between playing times then the fee is £25 per hour.

What Next?

If the prices above fit within your budget and you would like to hire me for your wedding or party or if you just have a general enquiry then please get in touch to confirm your dates and check availability.

Bookings fill up fast particularly during the summer months and around Christmas so as soon as you have your dates agreed get in touch to secure your place.

Q: Why is your hourly rate for Weddings more than what you charge for other events?

A: Your wedding is, ideally, a once in a lifetime experience and the expectations of your guests and family are high; so are yours. We, as vendors, have one chance to get it right. You probably wouldn’t schedule a tasting for a birthday cake and demand the icing be the exact shade of Flamingo Pink. For a wedding? Totally different. Likewise, if the Pianist plays the wrong song at party there’s ways to rectify it but at a wedding, there can be are intros, a ceremony to orchestrate with special songs plus a multitude of cues and sometimes one chance to get it right. A great musician or DJ can be the concierge for your night. They’ll read your crowd, handle all the events (cake cutting, first dances) gracefully. All of these factor in, in every specialty. You will talk to every vendor multiple times, you’ll be more exacting in what you expect and the extra preparation and care that goes into a Wedding simply costs more. 


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